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Jungian Psychotherapy

"Find Your Purpose, Heal Your Pain, Live With Passion"
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Autumn 2023: "You Can't Surprise A Machine."

Spring 2023: "Speak, Friend, And Enter."

Autumn 2022: "Room At The Table" (and: celebrating 30 years in practice)

Spring 2022: "Interior Design"

Winter 2021-2022: "We Must Disentrhall Ourselves."

Winter 2020-2021: "Look Up, Within, and Out."

Holidays 2020: "Points of Light"

Autumn 2020: "Out of the Gray & Fog"

Spring 2020: "Finding Meaning, Help, and Hope Amidst COVID-19"

Holidays 2019: Solstice Celebration, and more.

Autumn 2019: "Tree Work Ahead

Spring 2019: "Delight, Enchantment, Wisdom, Awakening"

Winter 2018-2019: "The Power of a Symbol"

Holidays 2018: Solstice Poem: "Ancient Wisdom, Remembered"

Autumn 2018: "Miegakure: Hidden, Then Revealed"

Summer 2018: "Witness, Container, Guide"

Spring 2018: "Spices and Lovely Vitality."

Winter 2017-2018: "Night Vision"

Holidays 2017: "Winter Is The Best Time."

Autumn 2017: "There Is No Secret Ingredient" (25 years as a Jungian Psychotherapist)

Summer 2017: "The Cure For Sanity"

Spring 2017: "Why Dreams Matter--More Then Ever."

Winter 2016-2017: "First Bud"

Holidays 2016: "Finding Your Way Through The Blizzard"

Autumn 2016: "Your 'Field of Dreams' and Jung"

Summer 2016: "A Walk Around The Lake"

Spring 2016: "Living Larger"

Winter 2015-2016: "Just up the stairs..."

Holidays 2015: "To travel in the dark..."

Summer 2015: "The Bathroom Door"

Spring 2015: "List-ings..."

Year-End 2014: "At the End of the Year...

Holidays 2014: "Breathe Often"

Summer 2014: "Baseball And The Pain Of Men" [NOTE: no Spring 2014 newsletter published]

Winter 2013-2014: "One Hand Tied Behind Your Back?

Holidays 2013: "Let There Be Darkness"

Autumn 2013: "Don't Sell The Art"

Summer 2013: "Let The Void Be Void

Spring 2013: NOTE--due to Dan Keusal moving his office, there was NO Spring 2013 edition.

Winter 2012-2013: "Walking The Labyrinth"

​Autumn 2012: "Drawing Purple Trees--Celebrating 20 Years In Practice"

Summer 2012: "What Do You Hear In These Sounds"

Spring 2012: "Wandering."

Winter 2011-2012: "The Pole In The Middle Of The Room"

Autumn 2011: "Good To See You."

Summer 2011: "A Day At The Beach"

Spring 2011: "Really Love Something"

Winter 2010-2011: "A Midwinter Night's Dream"  

Holidays 2010: "Adding Heat And Spice"

Autumn 2010: "Captain--Drop The Shields!"

Summer 2010: "That's How The Light Gets In"

Spring 2010: "Making The Hard Choices"

Winter 2010: "What Makes A Fire Burn"

Autumn 2009: "The Three Ps--Purpose, Pain, Passion"

Summer 2009: "Where Are You Underestimating Yourself?

Spring 2009: "A Way Of Working Things Out"

Winter 2008-2009: (due to the redesign of DanKeusal.com, there was no Winter 2008-2009 edition)

Autumn 2008: "Instead Of Fear, A Conversation"

Summer 2008: (untitled)

Spring 2008: "Good Grief"

Winter 2008: "At The Movies"

Autumn 2007: "Holiday Stress"

Summer 2007: "Everyday Rituals

Spring 2006: "Restored To Wholeness"

December 2004: "Keeping It All Together"

November 2004: "Beating The Holiday Blues"
Green Lake Pier (by Dan Keusal)
Langley Sunset, Whidbey Island
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