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"Good to see you."

"Living With Purpose And Passion"

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Autumn 2011  

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Quotes for Inspiration

And Reflection.


May what I do flow from me like a river,  

no forcing  

and no holding back."

 (Rainer Maria Rilke)

*   *   *


"Life is meant to be a never-ending education, and when this is fully appreciated, we are no longer survivors, but adventurers."

(David McNally)


*   *   *

"Take a rest.  

A field that has rested gives a bountiful crop."



*   *   * 


"If you can sit quietly after difficult news;  

if in financial downturns you remain  

perfectly calm;  

if you can see your neighbors travel to fantastic places without a twinge of jealousy;  

if you can happily eat whatever is put on your plate;  

if after a day of running around you can fall asleep without a drink

or a pill;  

if you can always find contentment just where you are...

you are probably a dog!"

(Jack Kornfield) 




Keusal, Dan CC 2010-04-22 (white right/bottom) I found "Super 8" to be one of this summer's most entertaining, endearing, and enlightening films--and a worthy jumping off point for some reflections about what helps us heal, and how therapy can be part of that healing. That's the subject of "Good To See You," the essay for this Autumn edition of my e-newsletter, an edition that begins my 5th year of publishing "Living With Purpose And Passion." As usual, I've also included inspiring quotes, news of my upcoming workshops, links to some helpful resources, and "3 Good Poems." I trust you'll find something here that offers you insight, comfort, and hope as you continue on your journey, and settle into the crisp days, lengthening nights, and abundant harvest of the season of Autumn.



Reflections: "Good to see you."

One of my favorite movies from this past summer is "Super 8," which is part science fiction, part coming-of-age romance, and part redemptive fairy tale. Among the many things I love about this film is a scene that reminds me of a ritual I've been practicing with my psychotherapy clients for years.  

The scene shows "Joe," the 12 year old boy who is at the center of the story, sitting in his room with "Alice," a girl from school who, like Joe, understands the experience of loss. They are watching old Super 8 movies of Joe's mother, who died a few months earlier in an accident at the factory where she worked. "It's so weird watching her like this, like she's still here" Joe says to Alice. After a long, poignant silence, he adds "She used to look at me this way...like really look...and I just knew that I was there, that I existed."

For years I've begun each session in my psychotherapy practice with a ritual. As I invite each client from my waiting room into my office and close the door behind us to begin our session, I say to them "Good to see you."

It began, years ago, as a simple, sincere greeting, but one day, when a client replied "It's good to be seen by you," I knew it had evolved into a ritual, one that makes clear the heart of therapy: before anything else, therapy is about being seen. It's about having your life witnessed, about having someone look at you, "really look," in a way that leaves you feeling "I know I'm here. I exist. I matter."

Once you have that, anything becomes possible.

Late in the film, Joe comes face to face with the movie's alien creature, who, according to the story, had crash landed on earth decades ago and has been hunted by the authorities ever since. Though it has been stealing everything from truck engines to microwave ovens from the people of the town, the creature doesn't mean any harm, it just wants to repair its ship and go home--a metaphor for the longing inside each one of us. 

Joe tracks the alien to its hiding place, which is underground: good filmmakers, like good therapists, know that healing involves going down into, not rising above. The creature, who is perhaps 30 feet tall, grabs Joe, and lifts him up so they are eye-to-eye. Fighting back his terror, Joe looks tenderly at the alien and says "I know bad things happen! But you can still live..." The alien looks back at Joe for a long time, and comes to realize that this boy is different from the others: he understands.

Bad things happen. Painful things. Life-changing things. Mothers die. Ships crash. Workers lose their jobs. Relationships end. People get depressed and anxious. But you can still live.

And it all begins...with being seen.


Upcoming workshops & lectures by Dan Keusal

Saturday October 8, 2011:

"Getting More From Your Relationships"

Saturday November 12, 2011:

"You Have All The Time In The World:

 Transforming Your Relationship With Time."

(just in time for the busy holiday season!)

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3 Good Poems
In this edition of "3 Good Poems," Tony Hoagland suggests that "pleasure is a thing that also needs accomplishing," Charles Douthat  writes about turning away from anguish when it turns up in an unexpected place, and Rumi reminds us that sometimes the way in isn't through the door.

Click on the titles below to read the poems online; you can also access them by going to the "Writings" page of my web site, finding the link for my "e-newsletters," and then clicking on link for the Autumn 2011 edition:
  1. "The Word" (Tony Hoagland)    
  2. "Crying Man" (Charles Douthat)     
  3. "Some Kiss We Want" (Rumi) 

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