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Holidays 2017 edition: 
"Winter Is The Best Time"


This annual Holiday edition of my newsletter gives me the opportunity to share with you three simple things:1) a poem to remind you of the possibilities that come with these colder, shorter days 2) a photo of mine that caught a glimpse of one of those days, and 3) an invitation to consider giving yourself, or someone you know, the gift of an astrology session with me. In this season when many recall the story of the Magi following a star to find Jesus, astrology can help you understand yourself more deeply, awaken you to the challenges and opportunities of your unique journey through life, and empower you to make choices that are wise, empowering, and that add depth and meaning to your days. For details on ordering an astrological gift certificate, email me, or call me at 206-523-1340. I'll be back with a regular edition of my newsletter in January.

Wishing you a season of peace, joy, and quiet contemplation amidst winter's darkening stillness.


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"Winter Is The Best Time" 
(David Budbill)

Winter is the best time
to find out who you are.

Quiet, contemplation time,
away from the rushing world,

cold time, dark time, holed-up
pulled-in time and space

to see that inner landscape, 
that place, hidden and within.

(From the collection
 While We've Still Got Feet 
by David Budbill

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Photo: “Snow-Covered Bridge, Seattle" 
(photo by Dan Keusal)
(click on the photo to read its story, and to download it for your use)

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