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Holidays 2015 edition: 
"To travel in the dark..."

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​The winter holidays were once a time of pulling in, of making ourselves congruent with the shorter, darkening days by engaging in less activity and more quiet contemplation and ritual and rest. In an attempt to stay true to that ancient wisdom, this holiday edition of my newsletter consists of only a short, simple poem, and an image. I'll return with a full newsletter, including one of my original essays, in the New Year. Until then, may you travel well in the dark, with the light of the stars for guidance


*   *   *   *   *

​it is time for the pilgrim in me
to travel in the dark,
to learn to read the stars
that shine in my soul.
I will walk deeper
into the dark of my night.
I will wait for the stars.
trust their guidance.
and let their light be enough for me.

~Joyce Rupp,
from "Old Maps No Longer Work,"
in Dear Heart Come Home 

*   *   *   *   *

​"Concepts are coined and negotiable values, but images are life" ~C.G. Jung

Photo: “Berries, Leaves, and Twigs" (photo by Dan Keusal)
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Berries, Leaves, and Twigs (photo by Dan Keusal 2015)