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In March of 2003, I began composing these
"Reflections" postcards for those on my mailing list. The format is simple: a thoughtful quote followed by a few of my own reflections. 

Since then, many of you have written to tell me that you've kept these postcards on your refrigerators, tucked them into your day planners, tacked them on your bulletin boards.

I now send all my newsletters via email (to receive these e-newsletters, use the sign-up box on the left side of this page), but I invite you to enjoy these postcards from the past.
Spring 2007: Nicolas Malebranche on attention; flowers at STOP sign in construction zone

Spring 2006: C.G. Jung on outgrowing, not solving probems; Jack Nicholson in "As Good As It Gets"

January 2006: Robert Johnson on confusion; confusion as labor and birth...

Summer 2005: Clarissa Pinkola-Estes on showing your soul; a brief encounter in a lobby...

March 2004: Barry Lopez on stories; a list of my favorite novels, movies, TV shows, other stories...

February 2004: Suzanne Vega on "night vision"; hiking at night...

January 2004: Wendell Berry "it's hard to go the same way twice"; a new look at beginnings...

November 2003: David Whyte on exhaustion; living whole-heartedly during the holidays...

July 2003: Harold Thurman Whitman on doing what makes you come alive; transforming fear...

March 2003: Yoruba proverb on "the rope of life"; the purpose of a mailing list; Barbara Kingsolver

Chuckanut Drive view
Chuckanut Drive View
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Dan Keusal's Writings:
"Reflections" Postcards
Below you'll find links to each of the postcards. Read them, download them, reflect on them--I hope they continue to inspire you when you need it most.