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"I Know A Woman"
by Jaspar Lepak 

​I know a woman who feels every moment. 
With sorrow and joy, she is blown by the wind. 
Her heart moves so quickly, it tires her to follow, 
but this world wasn't made for such sensitive things. 

And I want to sing her 
a song that will free her 
to feel what she feels without judgment or shame, 
all of her power right beside all her pain. 

And I know a mother who cannot remember. 
She died to the dreams she once carried inside. 
And she raised a daughter who cannot forgive her 
for failing to lead her with wings into life. 

And I want to sing her 
a song that redeems her 
for all that she is that she hasn't become 
as she lived for her father then husband then son. 

And Eve, blessed mother of all of creation, 
they punished you when you reached out for the truth. 
And all of this violence we witness toward women 
is the shame we still carry for wanting the fruit. 

And I want to sing her 
a song that will bring her 
into a world where her reach can be wide, 
free to take what she wants and to never be shy. 

We find ourselves weeping in small quiet moments, 
caught with no reason to feel so alone. 
They tell us our sadness is private depression, 
but our mother's submission is centuries old. 

And I want to sing you 
a song that receives you 
as you wake to a world where you're second to none, 
where your life is your song and your song will be sung.

From the CD "Forgiving Wind"
visit: www.JasparLepak.com
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