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Jungian Psychotherapy for Individuals & Couples

"Find Your Purpose, Heal Your Pain, Live With Passion"
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Dan Keusal, MS, LMFT Psychotherapist. Phone: (206) 523-1340. Email: dankeusal@dankeusal.com
"The Power Of Stories:
Naming Our Experience,
Deepening Our Possibilities, 
Discovering Meaning." 

An evening workshop with Dan Keusal, M.S., LMFT.
Tuesday, January 23, 2018

NOTE: this is a private event for the 
Woodinville Family Preschool

“Sometimes a person needs a story,
more than food, 
to stay alive." 

~Barry Lopez

What are your favorite stories? How have those stories comforted you, challenged you, inspired you? What role do stories play in shaping a life (including your life as a parent)? What does it mean to embrace the paradox of being the author of your own story, and, at the same time, being a character in a larger story where you don’t know the ending? This mini-workshop will offer, as a starting point, a few ideas from literature, depth psychology, and other sources, and then create space for reflection and discussion as we explore these intriguing and important questions.

DATE: Tuesday, January 23, 2018    
TIME: 7:00 PM 
LOCATION: Northshore United Church of Christ

Dan Keusal, M.S., LMFT has been a Jungian Psychotherapist in Seattle for more than 25 years, and a professional astrologer for more than 20 years. He is a WA state Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, and a past president of the Seattle Counselors Association. He has been invited to speak to a wide range of organizations, including Microsoft, Bastyr University, Seattle Unity Church, The Oregon Dental Conference, The C.G. Jung Society of Vancouver BC, and dozens of other churches, businesses, and community & professional groups. Dan enjoys baseball, movies, acoustic guitar, independent bookstores, and coffee.  

Questions? call or email Dan Keusal: 
(206) 523-1340, dankeusal@dankeusal.com

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