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Dan Keusal, MS, LMFT Psychotherapist. Phone: (206) 523-1340. Email: dankeusal@dankeusal.com

"The Art Of Outgrowing Your Problems"

A lecture and workshop with Dan Keusal, M.S., LMFT.
For the C.G. Jung Society, Seattle
Friday night February 10, 2017 and Saturday February 11, 2017

"The greatest and most important problems in life
can never be solved, only outgrown."
~C.G. Jung

In contemporary culture, and in many current approaches to therapy, we tend to respond to our problems with heroic efforts to “solve” them. This holds out the promise of fast relief from our symptoms, but minimizes the importance of engaging the unconscious. C.G. Jung suggested a different approach, one with the potential to add depth, nuance, meaning, and individuality to our lives: instead of trying to solve our problems, we might outgrow them. What does this mean, and how can we go about it? These are the questions we will explore in this lecture and workshop. Starting with ideas Jung presents in CW13, we’ll look at:

  • New levels of consciousness and broadening one's outlook
  • Tapping into a "new and stronger life urge"
  • Moving from the obvious to the obscure
  • The marriage of inner and outer experiences
  • Moving through defenses and "letting things happen" in the psyche
  • Welcoming the "irrational and incomprehensible," including dreams & synchronicities

We’ll explore Jung’s ideas through a wide variety of modalities, including film, comics, poetry, music, theology, photography, and more. Friday night’s lecture will introduce the above ideas, and illustrate them with a cinematic case study. Saturday’s workshop will explore further implications and examples of Jung’s approach, and provide opportunities for participants to reflect on how all this can inform their lived, everyday experience. 

Friday 2/10/17, lecture 7:00-9:00 PM 
Saturday 2/11/17, workshop 10 AM - 4:00 PM
LOCATION: Good Shepherd Center, 4649 Sunnyside Ave, Seattle, WA 98103
FEES: (to be announced; approx $20 for Fri lecture, $70 for Saturday workshop)
​REGISTRATION: To register and purchase tickets from the web site of the C.G. Jung Society Seattle, click here

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Questions? call or email Dan Keusal: (206) 523-1340, dankeusal@dankeusal.com