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"Find Your Purpose, Heal Your Pain, Live With Passion"
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Astrology with Dan Keusal

"All are syllables of the great word
that is very slowly spoken
by the shining of the stars."
~Ursula LeGuin

Hello. I'm Dan Keusal, an astrologer and Jungian-oriented psychotherapist in Seattle WA. 

Astrology helps you to:

  • understand yourself more deeply  
  • awaken to opportunities and challenges of your unique journey through life
  • make wiser, more empowering choices

Astrology addresses your key questions: 

  • "What is my purpose?"
  • "How can I create the intimate relationships I long for? Who are my soul mates?"
  • "How can I find the work I was born to do?"
  • "Why do I sometimes feel stuck, and how can I move through that and open up my life?"
  • "How can I access my deepest creativity?"
  • "What spiritual practices best suit me?"
  • "How can I deepen my confidence, and create a life that feels meaningful?"

My astrology readings are informed not only by my expertise in astrology, but also by my years of training and experience in psychotherapy, spirituality, and the arts. (click here for more about my background) 

This multifaceted approach means that you get insights that go deeper, and guidance that is more inspiring, more concrete, and more helpful. And I present all this in an understandable, engaging style that speaks to your heart as well as your head.

To learn more about the types of readings I offer, the "birth data" I need from you in order to do a reading, the cost, and more, read the information below. To make an appointment, read the "3-Steps" below, and then call me at 206-523-1340 or send me an email.
Three types of astrology readings

There are many different types of astrology, just as there are many different areas of expertise in counseling, the law, medicine, and other professions. In my practice, I focus on three types of astrology readings that help with your personal development: Birth Charts, Current Cycles, and Relationship or "Synastry" readings:

Birth Chart Interpretation. A birth chart (also called a "natal" chart) is the starting point for any astrological work. It speaks to the question "Why am I here?" It describes the next steps in your healing and your growth, the psychological and spiritual lessons you are here to learn. It offers suggestions for optimal functioning in key areas like relationships, career, creativity, spirituality, finances, education, and more. It sheds light on the gifts you've been given, and how best to use them. It allows you to glimpse what it might look like when you get off track (astrology's version of those street signs that say "Wrong Way!") and how to get back on track. And it helps you engage your freedom, imagination, and creativity to make wiser choices for a more meaningful life. A birth chart reading is what you're looking for when you find yourself saying "I wish my life had an owner's manual!"

Current Cycles of Growth. Each of us is called to work on different parts of our growth at different times. Is this the time for you to focus on relationships? career? creativity? finances? spirituality? A look at your current astrological cycles shows how the potential in your birth chart is meant to unfold over time, revealing the key challenges and opportunities for growth you'll face in the coming year, and how to make the most of them. Sometimes, the lessons of these cycles are similar, forming a kind of "theme." At other times, there may be tensions between the ways different parts of you are trying to grow. What are the best ways to engage such tensions, or work with such "themes"? A session focusing on current cycles addresses these types of questions. Most of my clients return for an updated Current Cycles reading every 1-2 years.

Relationship Readings. Questions about relationships are one of the most common reasons people seek the services of an astrologer, because relationships are one of the most important parts of life. Astrology offers valuable guidance on the relationship issues that you face, and how best to work through them. I offer three types of readings that can help you make the most of the relationships in your life. 
  • FIRST: The Birth Chart. While it's understandable, even human nature, to want to know about the other person in a relationship, the first, best, and most important step when seeking guidance about a relationship (whether that guidance is astrological or otherwise) is to understand yourself: when it comes to relationships, what do you need to learn? what are your issues, your struggles, your inclinations when it comes to intimacy, trust, partnership, sexuality? And these questions are best addressed astrologically...through a thorough understanding of one's own birth chart, which I write about above. If you're in a relationship and want help from astrology, get a full, professional birth chart reading before you seek out any of the options outlined below. 
  • SECOND: A Current Cycles Session. This type of reading speaks to the question: "Which of the relationship issues in my chart, in my life, are being triggered into development right now?" Again, you can read more about this above.  
  • THIRD: A Synastry/Composite reading. This type of reading, which is best done only AFTER one has had both birth chart and current cycles readings,  is comprised of three parts: 1) a mini-analysis of the birth charts of each person, to get a "feel" for who they are as individuals, for what their life lessons are about regardless of any relationship considerations 2) "synastry," which looks at how the two charts "interact": "What are the implications of my Pluto squaring your Mars? What about when your Scorpio Moon falls in MY 4th house? Isn't Mercury about communication; what does it mean that I have Mercury in Cancer and you have Mercury in Aries?" And finally, 3) a look at the "Composite" chart, the chart not for YOU and not for ME but for "US," astrology's version of "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." The composite chart looks at "the relationship" as if it is a thing in its own right, with its own needs, wants, strengths, and weaknesses. NOTE: For this type of session, I require that BOTH people in the relationship be present for the session.   

Astrology, freedom, and making better choices

I practice "Evolutionary Astrology," which asserts that your soul is on a journey of growth and discovery, that you are responsible for your own choices, and that no planet or sign pre-ordains a specific fate. Evolutionary Astrology offers valuable guidance, while evoking the power of your own freedom, consciousness, and imagination to shape your path. In the River of Life, it's wise to learn which ways the currents are flowing, and...it's also important to learn how to steer! 

Astrology in plain English

Part of my job as your astrologer is translating "astro-jargon" into plain English, using language that is understandable, vivid, and helpful, rather than confusing you with astrological jargon. Through the use of stories, imagery, and practical examples, I practice astrology in a way that speaks to your heart as well as your head, and addresses both the concerns of your everyday life and the deeper currents of your soul. I create an atmosphere of warmth, safety, and support that helps you successfully navigate the challenges you face, and experience a richer, more fulfilling life.

Astrology and religion.
Many people with a traditional religious background find themselves interested in an astrology reading, but fear that astrology may somehow be in conflict with their beliefs. I hold a degree in Theology and have years of experience as a minister, so I am uniquely qualified to address these concerns in an informed and sensitive manner. Astrology is simply a tool for discerning Spirit's intentions for you, and as such it is compatible with any spiritual path, belief system, or religion. Feel free to ask me more about this.

To make an appointment--3 steps:

All the astrology readings I offer are about 2 hours and 15 minutes long (give or take 15 minutes). I can do readings in person at my Seattle office, live over the phone, or "direct-to-CD/MP3" (see below). In all three situations, I record the reading for you--you have your choice of getting the recording on CDs (given to you in-person or mailed to you) OR in an MP3 file (I upload your file to a confidential file-sharing site, then send you an email with links to download the files to your computer). I also include both printed and PDF color copies of your chart(s) and other relevant materials. 

Step One: Get Your Birth Data.

In order to do any astrological work for you, I need three pieces of information: 1) your birth date (day, month, year) 2) the city, state, and country in which you were born and 3) the exact time of your birth, down to the minute. This can often be found on your birth certificate, or by contacting the hospital where you were born. An exact birth time is crucial for doing accurate astrology; an error of even a few minutes can make a notable difference in a consultation. If you need further help finding an accurate birth time, call me at 206-523-1340, or send me an email.

Step Two: Choose a Birth Chart, Current Cycles, or Relationship Analysis (see above for different versions of this last option).

Read about the types of readings I offer above. I always suggest starting with a birth chart reading, even if you've had one in the past. Evolutionary Astrology adds dimensions to a birth chart reading that other astrologers are not trained to include. Once you have a thorough grasp of your birth chart, you're ready for a Current Cycles reading. If you're interested in looking at using astrology to enrich a relationship, you may want a reading that focuses on this theme (see "Relationship Analysis," above, for several different options).  

Step Three: Contact Me.

To schedule an appointment, or if you have questions, call me at 206-523-1340, or send me an email.

Three ways to get a reading: in-person, via phone, direct-to-CD/MP3

  • In-person at my Seattle office. As always, I record the reading on CDs or an MP3 file so you can review it as often as you'd like.
  • Live via phone. This is a good option if you live outside the Seattle area but would still like to participate in your reading. You call me at a pre-arranged appointment time and we do the reading over the phone. I'll record the reading (including your side of the conversation) onto CDs and mail them to you, or on an MP3 file, in which case I'll email it to you.
  • Direct-to-recording. I record the reading directly to an MP3 audio file, as if I were speaking "to" you, but without you there. I then send you an email with your charts, and a link to download the MP3. This type of reading is a good option if you are unable to do a session in person at my office, or live via phone--e.g. for those of my clients who live in other countries. 

Fees and payment arrangments:

The fee for any of the three types of readings I offer is $320. This includes 1) prep time 2) the two-and-a-quarter hour session 3) printed and electronic copies of any relevant charts, and 4) an MP3 recording of the session. I am able to offer some sliding-scale sessions at a lower fee. Feel free to ask me about this.

You can pay with cash or by personal check, or you can use your credit card through www.PayPal.com(if you are using PayPal, please use dankeusal@dankeusal.com as my email address; further instructions are on the PayPal web site).
  • If we are doing the reading in person at my Seattle office and you are paying by cash or check, you can simply bring the payment with you on the day of the appointment.
  • If you are using PayPal, I ask that you email your payment the day before our scheduled appointment. 
  • If you live out of town, AND we are doing the reading via phone or direct-to-CD/MP3, AND you are paying by check, please mail your check far enough in advance that it reaches me on the day before our scheduled appointment.

Dan Keusal, M.S. LMFT. Jungian Psychotherapy & Astrology. (206) 523-1340. dankeusal@dankeusal.com 
​Painting by C.G. Jung
From The Red Book
p. 44