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Dan Keusal: Early Writings

I became an award-winning writer at an early age. Here is the story...

While I was an undergraduate student at the University of Notre Dame, I served as a staff writer for the student magazine "Scholastic," which has been published at Notre Dame since 1867.

In the Fall of 1981, I published an article titled "Listening With Love," a review of Thomas Hart's book The Art of Christian Listening. Decades before I'd given any thought to becoming a counselor, I was already interested in the power of listening to build connections, and to heal.
Moon & Mt. Baker (by Dan Keusal)
Moon & Mt. Baker
(c) 2008 Dan Keusal
My article won an award from the Indiana Collegiate Press Assocation.

To read my article ("Listening With Love") click here.

To view the award I won from the Indiana Collegiate Press Association, click here.